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Lace Curtain Liza

Diary of Adventures

Talking with the dead

5 January 2011

A while ago I had a dream and my mother came to me in it. She looked beautiful, in wonderful health, her complexion was just gorgeous, like peaches and cream. So I told her so in my dream. “MOM! You look really good!!!” I said. She was sitting there wearing a blue Norweigan sweater with silver filigree buttons and in my dream I felt this nudge to remember the sweater, so I did. But before I awoke, she was getting fidgety about needing to leave. She kept saying to me “I’ve got to go now, I’ve got to go now…”

But I stalled her. I asked about Pop. “Is he okay?” I asked. Her reply was, “Oh, he is with Jeanne now.” Not having a clue about who she was talking about, I asked her: “WHO’S JEANNE?” And she replied she was one of her “sorrority sisters.” Well, I had sincere doubts that I would ever be able to know anything about her sorority sisters unless I went back to Cleveland and found an old yearbook with the sororities in it and studied closely during the years she attended to see if I could find a girl named Jeanne.

Well that clue has never left me as I was pretty convinced she actually DID come to me in my dream, so I never forgot the sweater and I never forgot who she said Pop was with now. After that dream, I called Leo and told him all about it. Leo mentioned she did indeed have a sweater like that and she wore it all the time, she really loved that sweater. I knew nothing of this sweater, and I don’t recall ever seeing her wearing it.

As I was going through her old photo album, I came across a newspaper article and photo regarding a “Gynkana” her sorority was hosting. Sitting next to my mother was a girl named Jeanne Hintzelman. I was stunned and quickly concluded that must be the Jeanne Mom was telling me about.

Now I ask you, “What are the odds that I would be able to come up with that information?”

A skeptic might say, at some time you saw the sweater, and heard your mother mention her friend Jeanne, and your unconccious mind dredged these facts up. On the other hand, with all the random trivia about my mother that my mind must have recorded, why did it toss up these particular facts, which would be of much less importance to you than say, my first time away from my mother or some other incident that concerned me personally.

It’s been noted that the visiting dead often say their time is limited.

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