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Lace Curtain Liza

Diary of Adventures

Talking with the dead

4917 days ago

A while ago I had a dream and my mother came to me in it. She looked beautiful, in wonderful health, her complexion was just gorgeous, like peaches and cream. So I told her so in my dream. R…

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Ho ho ho

4928 days ago

Cherry Mristmas and Nappy Yew Hear!!!

Well Christmas was just wonderful, in spite of the fact that whats-er-name intruded into our designated time and got away with taking Liza for four ho…

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Puerta Vallarta, Mexico City and US Air

4965 days ago

We just returned from Puerta Vallarta and Mexico City. First we flew to Puerta Vallarta. We stayed in a condominium called Ocho Cascades, which translates into “Eight Waterfalls”. The desig…

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Peru and back in a week!!!

5002 days ago

Machu Picchu did NOT disappoint. Lima did, but it wasn’t their fault. The Spaniards sacked Peru of all things gold and silver, melted down century’s old craftsmanship so these days there…

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The Running of the Sheep

5021 days ago

A couple of weeks ago I drove over to Sequim to visit my friend Debbie. We went to Peninsula College together for two years. She lives on her mother’s farm. She has chickens and lamb whi…

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The Baby Whisperer

5021 days ago

I was coming back from Baltimore on Sunday and as usual it was a very full plane. Across the isle from me, in the middle seat no less, was a squirming toddler who was about 14 months old. So thi…

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5066 days ago

The Proctor Arts Festival was this weekend and they had their annual art competition at Mason Church. I entered my sock monkeys, which were hilarious. One was Zebulon and the other Zerena. Zere…


A Jewish Orthodox wedding

5124 days ago

The Jewish wedding in Chicago that I attended was really great. This was an Orthodox Jewish wedding so it was full of tradition. Synagogue services went on for about three days prior with someth…

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5271 days ago

Live and let live

5275 days ago

I was just thinking about a friend of mine who holds some rigid thoughts and my conclusion is to not bring up topics that set him in motion….i.e. Hollywood, the military, faith of any kind,…

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