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How Do I learn to fly the best drones?

I’ve been considering buying a drone for a while now. Suddenly, I got home to see a surprise from my wife. She bought me a DJI Mavic Pro and I’m so stoked. This is one of the best drones for sale on the market today and it just looks beautiful.

However, I haven’t taken the drone out to fly yet because I feel pretty intimidated. I’m scared I’m going to break this $800+ dollar drone she got me so it’s still sitting in my room waiting to be flown.

The thing is I’m a newbie when it comes to drone flying. I am yet to fly a thing in my life so this is a first for me.

I know the best drones are supposed to be easy to fly but I’m scared. I want to know if anyone can recommend some good drone flying websites, YouTube channels or any other resources to learn how to fly the best drones.

Kindly assist.

The Answer

Ok, so I’m glad you asked this question. I personally have a website about the best drones you can buy. However, I am yet to put up some flying tutorials.

You’ve done one thing right, which is that you’ve not taken the Mavic Pro out and flown it as your first drone flying experience.

It is an expensive drone and should not be what anyone learns how to fly with.

In your situation, I suggest you buy a cheaper drone under $100 to use as a learning drone. You may also learn a few tricks using a drone flying simulator. A cheaper drone will help you with the following:

  • They allow you to learn the basics of flying because they don’t have all the advanced computer controls that virtually fly advanced drones for you. This lets you learn the real skills of drone flying which may come in handy at some point in the future. It becomes very easy to fly the Mavic Pro once you learn how to fly with the cheaper drone.
  • Cheaper drones weigh and cost much less than your Mavic. If you crash it into someone or someone’s property, it doesn’t cause as much damage. Similarly crushing it won’t be as expensive as crushing your Mavic Pro. My first practice drone cost me $70. I must have crashed that thing about a hundred times. It was easy and cheap to get parts to fix it and get it going again. The first time you crash you Mavic Pro could be a very costly accident. Parts and repairs alone can be in many hundred dollars.

Flying the best drones

Having said that you can still try flying the Mavic Pro drone without first practicing on a cheap drone. What makes it one of the best drones is the many flight modes that come with it. You can practice flying using the tripod mode and the beginner mode.

The tripod mode assists with flying the drone indoors but will make a good flying mode for an inexperienced drone pilot. But I don’t recommend that you fly the drone indoors at this stage. You should find a huge open field with no obstacles for your first few flights. Use the beginner mode in conjunction with the tripod mode. The beginner mode prevents the drone from going too far away from you while the tripod mode prevents you from flying it at high speed.

These two modes can work together to ensure a safe first flight for you.

There are a few sites that will actually teach you how to fly a drone. You have to look for them. Most video tutorials are just people showing you around the apps but not really showing you the act of flying. You can try some drone flying courses to see if it helps.

In the end, the DJI Mavic Pro is an advanced drone with many built-in safety features. It has sensors that detect obstacles and avoid them. It has features that prevent you from crashing it even if you’ve never flown a drone before. For example, if you lose control of the drone while flying, you can just let go of the controls and the drone will suddenly stop and hover in place, allowing you to regather yourself and get your orientation back.

Take-off and landing are super easy because it has features that will do it for you. This is why you buy the best drones and the DJI Mavic Pro is no exception.