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Lace Curtain Liza

About the Artist

Email the Artist My name is Liza Morado, but I want you to remember me as Lace Curtain Liza. I was born in San Rafael, California and raised in White Hall, Maryland on a 120 acres farm. I am the fourth child and only girl born to William and Elizabeth Partridge. My mother was an artist and my father was a merchant marine. My B.A. is in Sociology from Washington State University, 1972. My M.A. is in Psychology from Pacific Lutheran University, 1974. I also hold Teaching Credentials from The University of Puget Sound, 1995. I live in the Pacific Northwest, in the Puget Sound. During my life I have worked as a U.S. Customs Inspector, I have been a caseworker for delinquent boys, I have taught children's art, and I have worked at a local children's museum. My art education is not entirely self-taught. I have studied drawing, design, painting and the history of art at Pierce College and Tacoma Community College under Bill Rades and Paul Clinton. I studied painting at Tacoma Community College under Merit Berg.

Perhaps you are wondering why I use the name Lace Curtain Liza? Well, when I was a young girl growing up, my mother would admonish me for bad behavior by reminding me I was Lace Curtain Irish, not Shanty Irish. She wanted me to remember I came from a good family.

As a new artist to the Puget Sound region, my pieces have been on exhibit in Seattle and in Tacoma. I have won several awards, although I don't seek entry into many contests I keep a rather low profile by choice. I have a sincere affection for folk art and children's art. I love the directness these art forms have with the viewer. Those artists whom I deeply admire include the impressionists Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, and Claude Monet, as well as Pablo Picasso, Henri Rousseau and Franz Marc.

When I make art, there is no hidden agenda. I make art for the sake of making art. There is rarely a narrative, but do look for subtle humor I have often provided for the viewer. My work is very colorful and reflects my Latino and Irish connections. I consider my style expressive impressionism. My subject matter is ever changing, but I seem to enjoy making portraits and landscapes the most.

I prefer a palette with deep values. I am partially color blind. I have trouble seeing colors with a lot of white in them. These shades actually annoy me because I can't see them very well. I don't go to them very often because of this.

I do not sell my originals. All of my work on this website can be reproduced as giclees. Giclees are high definition computer generated reproductions. Among my preferred clients are hotels and cafes, but my work has been sought after by private collectors as well.